IIEX APAC (Bangkok): 7-8 Feb 2023

Colin Wong, Editor & Regional Representative, APAC, GreenBooK, shares why you should attend this event:

Ten years ago, GreenBook embarked on a simple idea: what if we could create opportunities, for the best and the brightest minds in the global market research (MRX) industry, to share ideas and collaborate, to define the future of insights?

And IIEX, the Insight Innovation EXchange conference series was born. 

As many as 5 of our global IIEX events in the last 10 years have been held right here in APAC.  We have been proud to assemble presenters for the most forward-thinking brands as well as disruptive start-ups, leading edge research and technology providers and industry thought leaders at IIEX events. They have  become forums in which to ponder, debate, challenge and champion those innovations that were destined to become the most widely adopted “best practices” of the future.

Well, the future is NOW! And 10 years on, we have some pretty remarkable evidence that our simple idea was a game changer.

If a new methodology or technology-driven approach to research has become a “best practice” or preferred solution in the past 10 years, chances are you probably saw it first at an IIEX Event!

Insight Innovation Matters

Innovation for innovation’s sake is just theater. What matters are the innovations that enable brands to make better decisions because of their ability to understand their customers and consumers’ behaviors more deeply, and take actions more quickly that transform and grow their businesses.

In the last ten years IIEX has brought us innovations including:

  • The emergence and adoption of mobile research
  • Video based ethnography, online focus groups, and virtual qual
  • Sentiment analysis in action
  • Sophisticated improvements to sample and respondent acquisition
  • The application of AI and machine learning to all manner of research and analytics
  • DIY, becoming a fully mature approach for client-side insights departments to realize economies of scale, reduce costs, and get simple things done more efficiently
  • AR, VR, and experiments in the immersive metaverse
  • Knowledge management platforms, ensuring each research project’s value isn’t lost after the debrief
  • Radical new ways to analyze and improve customer and user experiences
  • ResTech innovations that define not only how we can get things done, but also enabling new things we only dreamt of doing before

This year’s IIEX APAC event will be no different.  An impressive array of client-side speakers across many verticals, and innovative suppliers will be demonstrating innovations and case studies on how to apply everything from AI to hyper personalization, immersive research, transformative UX and HX, and actionable behavioral research to radically accelerate how brands grow their businesses. 

Registration is still open for IIEX APAC in Bangkok on February 7- 8  

Join us, for IIEX to the power of 10!  Come future proof your company, your teams, your department, and your own career, as we co-create the next 10 year in the Future of Insights. What start here will change our world!

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