GWI expands in APAC with new office in Singapore

Audience insights firm GWI has launched its first APAC office in Singapore. The new office will open in October. Currently headquartered in London with offices in New York, Prague and Athens, the new Singapore office will position GWI as leading providers of world class research capabilities and solid insights to companies in the APAC region.

Tom Smith, CEO and Founder of GWI explains: “We are powering a world where every business knows its audience. We need to build our presence on the ground in the Asia Pacific to take advantage of the region’s rapidly growing business opportunities. APAC currently represents 20% of our accounts, worth £1.275bn, and has the largest compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Since 2017, APAC has experienced the fastest growth of any region with CAGR in excess of 35%.”

Singapore is well positioned to act as a launchpad for high growth, low penetration markets such as China, Japan and Australia. GWI already works extensively with businesses in the APAC region, especially New Zealand and Australia.

The APAC office will initially be staffed by a combination of relocated European team members and locally sourced talent. The open job positions can be viewed here. The expansion into APAC will allow GWI to realise continued growth in the years to come following its successes in 2020 where the company signed over 200 new enterprise customers and posted more than 40% growth in annual recurring revenue.