GMO Research to launch new service brand \”MO Lite\”

GMO Research, Inc. (, a leading online research solution platform provider in the APAC region, has rolled out a new initiative to support companies in conducting online research projects with the fastest and most cost-effective turnaround in APAC.

There is an increasing demand for DIY market research tools that allow companies to conduct survey research remotely and at low costs. But when a company really starts to plan a research project, there are some common obstacles. Firstly, the targeted audience is limited to the company’s own service and/or product line, so the company cannot collect a larger number of responses. Secondly, recruiting people for a survey is a time-consuming and costly process. And lastly, localizing questionnaires, ensuring they align with local law, and checking that the contents address the cultural and linguistic background correctly takes a great deal of effort.

To address these issues, GMO Research has developed “MO Lite”, a new service that enables companies to link their own using DIY market research tools to recruit survey respondents directly from one of the largest pool of panelists in APAC, with a price less as USD 10 cent per question, that comes with full support from APAC local experts.

* USD 300 minimum fee will be included.

Takashi Ito, Chief Global Officer of GMO Research, Inc., comments: “With the rising demand for quick and cost-efficient choices for conducting surveys, it just came naturally to us that we would connect the largest consumer panel network in APAC with the most commonly used free survey tool, to bring great value to the market. We are confident that MO Lite can serve as one of the most viable options for conducting surveys in APAC. It is obviously the fastest, most cost-effective, and most reliable solution.”

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Advantages of using MO Lite:

(1) Surveys can be conducted on people other than your own target audience

(2) Surveys can be sent out as soon as one business day after application.

(3) You can distribute to more than 200 pre-targeted attributes* at no additional cost.

* Targeted attributes are the attributes of monitors that have been databased through a large-scale screening survey conducted in advance by the Asia Cloud Panel.

About GMO Research:

GMO Research offers an all-in-one online research solution platform that allows direct access to one of the largest consumer panel networks in APAC: Asia Cloud Panel. Asia Cloud Panel currently consists of over 40 million online panelists, ranging from consumers to CEOs, across 15 APAC markets. GMO Research is part of and backed by GMO Internet Group, one of the largest internet conglomerates in Japan, specializing in a number of internet-related technologies. GMO Internet Group has the number one Japanese market share in internet security, payment processing, e-commerce solutions, web hosting, domain, and FX trading.

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