GMO Research launches Research in Singapore

GMO Research Inc., a part of Japan’s GMO Internet Group, launched a new survey panel site, Research, in Singapore on 25th October 2022. With this project, GMO Research aims to extend its reach to one of Southeast Asia’s leading countries and to build a high-quality proprietary panel network in Singapore.

To date, GMO Research’s proprietary panel network— Research—is operational in China, India, Thailand, Myanmar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its panel networks established for businesses across these countries.

Background information on the construction of
the proprietary panel in Singapore

Through collaborations with panel partners across various membership organisations, GMO Research has established a panel network1, known as ASIA Cloud Panel2. This has enabled the company to conduct internet research, targeting approximately 49 million3 consumers across 16 Asian countries and regions, including Singapore.

As one of Southeast Asia’s leading countries, with its status as an international commercial hub, Singapore is seeing an increasing need for consumer surveys. It is becoming increasingly important for growing Singaporean businesses to have access to detailed information about their customer base.

In this context, GMO Research’s unique perspective as a locally incorporated company in Singapore allows it to operate its proprietary panel effectively, enabling the company to provide detailed targeting distribution that meets clients’ needs.

GMO Research Inc. is also planning to launch an app service in December 2022, on iOS and Android, with the primary objective of reaching more consumers.

With more than 18 years of experience operating its survey panel sites in Japan and China, GMO Research will leverage this rich industry experience and build high-quality survey panels that are in tune with the Singaporean market. Through this service, GMO Research aims to further contribute to the expansion of the internet research industry in Singapore, and to gain a deeper understanding of Singaporean consumer insights, allowing the company to provide optimal survey services to its clients.


“ Research” (Singapore) monitor site:

About Research is the global brand of GMO Internet Group and is one of our global strategies. GMO Internet Group uses this brand for various internet services such as infrastructure, finance, cryptoassets, and market research. “ Research” is the brand name that GMO Research uses when developing its proprietary panel globally, and the brand has been launched in China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, UAE4, and now Singapore.

About GMO Research, Inc.

GMO Research Inc. offers an online audience engagement platform that gives access to a multi-country online panel network, the Cloud Panel. The Cloud Panel currently consists of over 49 million online consumer panellists across 16 APAC countries, and more than 45 partner countries. Our services range from full service, game research, project management, sample only, qualitative research, and translations, to DIY. We pride ourselves in providing first class service to our clients, leveraging one of the biggest, high quality proprietary APAC panels, and our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority.

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  1. A panel is formed by a collection of monitors (an individual who has agreed to cooperate in a survey).
  2. ASIA Cloud Panel is a consumer panel that is specialised for the Asian regions in the GMO Research Cloud Panel Internet research services.
  3. As of the end of July, 2022.
  4. The operation of the survey panel sites in Thailand, Myanmar, and the UAE is outsourced to an external partner.

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