GMO Research launches proprietary Myanmar panel

Online research solution platform GMO Research has added a high-quality proprietary panel for Myanmar to their online panel network Asia Cloud Panel, a multi-country panel network that reaches more than 30 million consumer panellists across Asia Pacific. Myanmar is the 15th country to join the network.

Recent economic forecasts for Myanmar have been positive: GDP is expected to grow by 6.7% in 2020/2021,* and the country is seeing an increase in urbanisation, income levels, and the use of digital technologies. This will provide numerous opportunities for companies and brand owners looking to access this market, especially the rapidly growing consumer goods and services industries.

Takashi Ito, Chief Global Officer of GMO Research, Inc., says: “Myanmar is an important new addition to our Asia Cloud Panel network, and it has given us access to a new and engaged consumer base. This will allow us to help our clients position themselves to appeal to consumers in this quickly expanding market.”

GMO’s Asia Cloud Panel is feeding a growing demand for research insights in Asia as the region becomes increasingly dominant in the world economy. The multi-country network also reflects the diversity of Asian markets, and so the new Myanmar panel will add to the body of research in Asia as a whole and respond to the need for insights on an individual country level.

“With our proprietary Myanmar panel we are strengthening our Asia Cloud Panel,” Takashi Ito further comments. “This puts us in an even stronger position to be able to connect with Asian consumers, build on our local knowledge, and provide valuable insights to our clients.”

About GMO Research

GMO Research offers an online research solution platform that allows access to a multi-panel and multi-country online panel network, Asia Cloud Panel. While constantly expanding its reach in Asia and globally, Asia Cloud Panel currently consists of over 30 million online consumer panellists, ranging from consumers to CEOs, across 15 APAC countries. GMO Research is part of and backed by GMO Internet Group, one of the largest internet conglomerates in Japan, specialising in a number of internet-related technologies. GMO Internet Group has the number one Japanese market share in internet security, payment processing, e-commerce solutions, web hosting, domain, and FX trading. They also cover web infrastructure and e-commerce, internet media, internet securities, and social media and smartphone platforms.

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