GMO Research launches MO Insights

GMO Research is expanding its online research business and  has entered an Asia-exclusive partnership with Canadian online and mobile research software provider Interactive Tracking Systems, Inc. (\’itracks\’).

This new service, MO Insights, is now part of GMO\’s marketing cloud platform, the Market Observer. It offers a one-stop solution, combining online quantitative and qualitative methods with access to GMO’s Asia Cloud Panel, which consists of more than 33 million online panelists across 15 APAC countries. MO Insights enables users to complete not only quantitative surveys using questionnaires, but also qualitative surveys involving consumer interviews online, rather than face to face.

This move comes at a time when there is a rapid increase in demand for online business solutions as the world practices social distancing in the fight against coronavirus.


About GMO Research

GMO Research offers an online research solution platform that allows access to a multi-panel and multi-country online panel network, Asia Cloud Panel. While constantly expanding its reach in Asia and globally, Asia Cloud Panel currently consists of over 30 million online consumer panelists, ranging from consumers to CEOs, across 15 APAC countries. GMO Research is part of and backed by GMO Internet Group, one of the largest internet conglomerates in Japan, specialising in a number of internet-related technologies. GMO Internet Group has the number one Japanese market share in internet security, payment processing, e-commerce solutions, web hosting, domain, and FX trading. They also cover web infrastructure and e-commerce, internet media, internet securities, and social media and smartphone platforms.

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