Former CEOs of Flamingo launch new consultancy in Shanghai

The former leadership team from Flamingo in Shanghai, Julien Lapka and Alex Wilson, has set up a new cultural insight and brand-strategy consultancy called Inner Chapter. The new agency will offer cultural insights to commercial IP across insights, strategy, innovation and creative content.

The founders have described Inner Chapter as \’an ideas-forward studio\’ offering services such as culture and people insights, ideation, advisory and intelligence consultancy, and brand creation. The company\’s creative skills cover experiences and multimedia; design, photography and film; content, media and publishing.

Lapka comments: \’Apart from the constraints on time, resources and budgets that sit across the industry, there are some macro themes at client-side: the in-housing of roles, the obsession with acquiring data, the focus on faster execution, and a desire to be more innovative in a culture where marketing alone doesn\’t cut it. All these themes influence how we work\’.

Acquired by Omnicom in 2007, Flamingo closed seven of its eight overseas offices in 2016, citing \’underperformance\’ and its need to now focus on growth opportunities in London. Among the closures was the firm\’s Shanghai office, jointly led by Lapka and Wilson.