Former CCO Kantar Insights Division joins ADNA

\"NishantCreative Intelligence agency, ADNA has hired Nishant Kaushal (pictured) to be the company’s Head of Data, Strategy and Solutions. He is charged with driving the productization and monetization of the ADNA global audience panel of over 320m people in 100 countries around the world.

“At the heart of the ADNA offering is a powerful, differentiated belief in the value of primary first-hand quantitative data to drive bigger ideas and stronger business growth for our clients.” Says Nishant. “ADNA is a clear disruptor in this field because of its unmatched speed, depth and accessibility and when needed, interlacing of high-end creative thinking. Clients looking for focused insights, irrespective of whether the TG they are seeking is niche or mass, are targeting specific markets, the region or the whole globe but are pressed on resources might find the ADNA’s approach irresistible.”

“Nishant will be putting our huge audience panel to work in myriad ways to drive innovation in Research, Analytics, Customer Experience, Strategy development and Communications.” Says Henry Gomez, CEO ADNA. “Globally, the market research industry is worth roughly US$47bn currently. However, with the proliferation of data and the need for analytics and insights the combined market worth is now US$80bn and growing at almost 4% in Asia. Nishant will harness the primary quant data we are able to generate and ensure that it is applied and accountable at speed.”

According to the company, ADNA’s disruptive business model is based on providing access to affordable, fast and accurate insights from their global panel of 320m people in 100 countries around the world. When coupled with applied strategic and creative firepower in this way, ADNA’s ability to deploy fact-based insights in a broad range of ways will grow exponentially.

An MBA in Marketing communications, Nishant Kaushal rose over 15 years to become CCO at Kantar, Insights Division. Starting life as a quant data researcher at Research International and based in Singapore, he had previously been Country Head of Kantar TNS and Brand Strategy & Communications Insights Director of TNS before that.

ADNA opened its doors in July 2020 and by October it had opened offices in Cape Town and Kuala Lumpur bringing a total of three offices for the agency, which launched in July with Gary Tranter, David Mayo and Matt Cullen joining Henry Gomez at the company he founded several years ago.

David Mayo, COO said \”We know from our first 6 months in operation that the combination of data and creativity is something that allows marketers access to quality as well as speed. This Creative Intelligence™ means that ADNA gives their clients a business edge by deploying the knowledge from a large panel which allows braver, sharper decisions. Nishant will help generate and meet demand in equal measure.\”