Essence Data Health Check consulting service launched in Singapore

Singapore-based innovation, research and development hub Essence Global Ventures has developed and launched a Essence Data Health Check consulting service, designed to help brands achieve effective business outcomes from their digital marketing activities by advancing their audience data strategy.

This service provides a meticulous review of marketers’ technology stack, data collection setup, audience management approach and data deployment practice, along with actionable recommendations to increase the effectiveness of data-driven paid and owned marketing activities.

Kunal Guha, Executive Vice President, Essence, who oversees the strategic direction and delivery of Essence Global Ventures’ research and development efforts, said, “We are now at the dawn of a new era of marketing – one that is defined by consumers’ expectations around their data and privacy, and an industry looking to bring more personalised experiences to their consumers. Essence Data Health Check will underpin the foundations for this privacy-first world, where the ethical compass on consumers’ data is paramount. Through Essence Global Ventures, it is our ambition to continually innovate solutions that will ensure marketers globally can lead with new strategic advantages, today and in the future.”