Employer Image Survey: And The Winner Is…

This edition of the Asia Research staff satisfaction survey also captures the impressions people have of working for some of the bigger agencies in Asia, namely Nielsen, TNS, Ipsos, and Millward Brown (otherwise known as the “Big 4” agencies).

As usual, we report the results in the fairest way, by examining the image of these employers based on current or past employees of each of these companies (i.e. people whose impressions have been formed through direct experience of working for these companies). While the employer image can vary between countries (e.g. according to the leadership of each organisation within that country), arguably, the “Big 4” agencies tend to convey the same culture, vision, and employee value proposition across the region.

The results of the survey show that the “Big 4” image in relation to employment varies quite significantly, and far more so than clients’ views of these agencies from a client-servicing standpoint.

Millward Brown has again outperformed its peer group on understanding staff needs, strength of leadership, remuneration, job security, commitment to fair work–life balance, and training. This year, Millward Brown has moved ahead of their competitors on innovation, but lost its advantage on career prospects, now being a joint leader with Nielsen.


Nielsen leads on perceptions of providing enough resources, which is a major improvement from last year, when it was behind all others. It is also ahead of Ipsos and TNS on security of employment, but weaker on innovation and having can you buy zithromax online interesting and varied projects.

TNS is seen as a fun place to work, which might be partly down to having interesting and varied projects, where it is far ahead of its peer group and where perceptions have grown considerably in the last two years. But its image on career prospects and fair work–life balance has declined in the last year.

Ipsos, which was the most improved brand in 2012, has had a poor year, with brand image on many attributes declining since 2012. It performs the worst out of its peer group competitors on understanding staff needs, remuneration, and providing enough resources. Most notably, it is much weaker on offering secure employment, which is probably a consequence of it making redundancies in Singapore at the end of 2014. Year-on-year perceptions of Ipsos have weakened most significantly on understanding staff needs, remuneration, and in the last year on providing enough resources.

All of the “Big 4” have a weak image on being fair in their dealings with staff, something that has been a consistent weakness for these companies over the years. Since this is such an important aspect of staff relationships and likely to receive attention from HR departments, this could simply be an inherent problem of employment in bigger companies.


Despite these rather negative employer image survey results, most research professionals would consider these companies for future employment, including Millward Brown (35%), Ipsos (27%), and TNS & Nielsen (25%), and only 22% would reject all four of them outright compared to 29% in 2011.

Overall, Millward Brown has had the best performance in 2014 and wins the Asia Research “Big 4” Employer of the Year Award.