Dynata and CMNTY collaborates

First-party data and insights platform Dynata has entered a partnership with online community specialist CMNTY corporation to help brands improve audience engagement by leveraging insights for ongoing, deeper engagement, creating a more complete picture of their customers and generating stronger, more resilient relationships.

Using Dynata’s access to 62 million consumers and business professionals – the largest of its kind in the insights industry – together with CMNTY’s online community-building capabilities, brands can stay connected with consumers in real-time, ensuring they have a secure place to share opinions and sentiments on products, services and other activities. Brands can evolve continuously around their customers and adapt to changing preferences and market conditions with speed and scale, ensuring their products, services, experiences and brand purpose remain aligned to customer needs, which builds more authentic and profitable relationships.

“People belonging to an online community give companies permission to ‘see’ into their lives.” says Maxim Schram, founding CEO of CMNTY. “This allows brands to develop a deeper understanding of customer needs by establishing stronger and more authentic connections with real people. By integrating Dynata’s rich first-party data set into our software, we enable our clients to find the right connections in just a few clicks. Building a new brand community or adding potential customers to an already existing community is now easier than ever.”

CMNTY Platform combines a variety of online quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. It allows companies to host online group discussions, co-creation sessions, surveys, mood boards, heat maps and private messaging to name just a few. Built-in data analysis, AI-powered visualization and automated reporting solutions make the platform an indispensable tool for forward thinking brands and market research agencies.

“Understanding your customer is the key to creating better experiences for them, and that starts with collecting and analyzing the insights you obtain through the multiple touchpoints along the customer journey,” said Hugh Davis, president, Dynata Solutions. “Our fully-permissioned first-party data, capturing hundreds of data points, delivers the level of data quality and scale to drive those insights. Adding Dynata Communities, in partnership with CMNTY, will help our customers gain deeper understanding of their consumers leading to higher retention and brand loyalty, ultimately leading to revenue growth.”

Web: https://www.dynata.com/