Digital & Media Predictions 2014

\"MB20132\"According to Millward Brown’s annual predictions for Digital and Media, multi-screen marketing will dominate in 2014. As the primary challenge, the report highlights the need for marketers to better understand consumer behavior a cross devices and adjust their investment accordingly. Marketers will need more in-depth audience planning insights into when, where and how different consumers are using different devices in a year when content will simply be viewed on the most convenient screen. They will also need research tools that assess communications effectiveness across screens and help them understand the roles of different screens in the path to purchase. This information will allow marketers to maximize audience and deliver cost-effective reach across devices as part of a screen-agnostic planning process, while providing the confidence to adapt channel plans to new consumer behaviors. Millward Brown anticipates significant changes in the media landscape around the world:

  • Video budgets will continue to shift from TV to multi-screen
  • Mobile media spend will rise dramatically, especially among youth-targeted brands
  • Brands will create more mobile-friendly and readily shareable content and many will experiment with micro-video platforms such as Vine
  • The rise of screens in all aspects of our lives will encourage many marketers to attempt genuine marketing firsts via creative uses of digital outdoor or via the new possibilities presented by wearable screens such as smart watches and Google Glass.

Clarity and consistency of messaging across all devices and new marketing opportunities will be critical to success. Brands, able to adopt a more minimalist and to-the-point approach will achieve greater engagement. Just one appealing visual might be enough to attract attention and consumers focusing on a range of stimuli in quick succession, suggests Millward Brown’s eye-tracking data for digital display ads.

“In 2014 we’ll see more marketers seeking to generate interaction between screens via interesting approaches such as TV ads with hashtags. However, the most successful marketers will build a cohesive, clear and consistent presence across screens and closely align advertising expenditure with the time their audience spends on each device,” said Duncan Southgate, Global Brand Director for Digital at Millward Brown.

And here the hottest multi-screen marketing trends for 2014, by Millward Brown experts around the globe

1. Screen agnosticism – video becomes a fluid medium, by Rob Valsler, Singapore

2. Micro-video multiplies – challenging Marketers to keep pace, by Jarrod Payne, South Africa

3. The breakthrough of wearable screens, by Adriana Souse, Brazil

4. Multi-screen big data connections enhance effectiveness insight, by Bill Pink, USA

5. Multi-screen minimalism delivers much needed tranquility, by Jorge Bueso, Honduras

6. Meshing, stacking and shifting give birth to a new era of multi-screen advertising, by Monique Leech, South Africa

7. At last… traditional channel insights and multi-screen digital insights tie the knot, by Conor O’Mahony, USA

8. Social tv’s promise is tightly coordinated targeting across channels and screens, by Anne Czernek, USA

9. Smartphones are the only screen that counts for the connected youth of today, by Rakesh Kumar, Singapore

10. Video budgets continue to shift from tv to multi-screen, by Peking Tan, China

11. Digital outdoor blows up the idea of a simple screen, by Catie Williams, USA

12. Success will not go to those who focus on screens alone, by James Galpin, China


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