Digital Explosion Brings Exponential Growth in Global Consumer Technology Sector

Nearly 4.6 million units of TV with Digital Tuners sold across six major
Southeast Asian markets in first eight months of 2011

HANOI – Today’s era of digital revolution is bringing forth endless array of hitech products which are welcomed and embraced by consumers all over the world. Consumers worldwide are spending more and more on technical goods each year as manufacturers continue to introduce new and innovative gadgets. According to leading global market research company
GfK, value of the global tech industry is forecasted to grow by six percent to hit over 668 billion euros in 2011.

In Asia, the consumer technology industry is expected to sustain its good performance, fuelled by high demands for key driving products like tablets, DVD players/recorders, smartphones, Blu-ray audio home systems and the new generation TVs, which all registered over two-fold value growth in their respective segments in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

“Tech savvy consumers all over the world have been spurring the growth of the industry by eagerly adopting all the latest technology,” commented Mr. Benedict Hong, Regional Account Director at GfK Asia. “The TV front for instance has undergone substantial developments in the past few years with the introduction of ongoing technological improvements that have changed the landscape of digital TV.” Mr. Hong shared these and other insights at the Broadcast and Media Tech conference held in Vietnam where he presented the topic ‘Digital TV In-Roads into Asia’.

In Southeast Asia alone, the evolution of digital television have been growing consumer demand for television sets with digital tuners, which in the first 8 months of this year, achieved over USD2.42 billion in sales, according to GfK retail tracking. The developing countries of Thailand and Indonesia reported the highest volume sales, with consumers in each respective countries snapping up over one million units during this period.

“The transition from analog to digital technology will enable consumers to enjoy enhanced TV viewing experience,” commented Mr. Hong. “With the current availability of digital TV technology and infrastructure terminals, Asia is poised for new growth in the digital TV sector,” he concluded.

GfK Asia was invited to speak at the recent Broadcast and Media Tech conference held in Vietnam on 2-4 November. Some of the other speakers at the event included major players and authorities in the broadcasting industry in the region, including Harris Broadcast Communications from Hong Kong, the Vietnam Television Broadcom and Vietnam’s Ministry of Information & Communication.