Decision Lab joins Cint’s global insight exchange platform

\"Decision-Lab-joins-Cints-global-insight-exchange-platform\"Decision Lab has established a strategic partnership with Cint to leverage Cint’s technology by bringing aboard Decision Lab’s direct digital connections to consumers in Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia and many more emerging markets into Cint’s global insights exchange platform. Utilizing Cint’s platform, Decision Lab will now house their social network recruitment audience into Cint’s growing network of partners who are all working to assist brands to get closer to consumers and leverage automation in an effort to allow brands to make faster decisions.

This new partnership assists Cint’s efforts to further diversify their supply partnerships as they move to further future proof insight collections.  Decision Lab’s mobile first community of online members located in vital emerging markets represent an ideal partnership for Cint’s platform, as mobile is the primary, and most often only option for reaching an online research audience in the nations where Decision Lab’s panels are located.

Emerging markets in South East Asia has for a long time been hard to reach through online surveys. Decision Lab has proven that it’s technology and relationship with consumers has made it possible to connect even in these markets and latest emphasized through opening of the first online panel in Myanmar. The partnership with Cint allows brands from across the world to utilize Decision Lab’s community.