Cuebiq expands global footprint to China with new partnership

Location data specialist Cuebiq has expanded its global footprint to China through an exclusive partnership with GeTui, a Mobile Internet integrated service provider based on big data. GeTui currently reaches close to a billion distinct devices in China.  As part of the partnership, Cuebiq and GeTui developed a joint machine-learning platform that makes it possible to process and visualize this extensive amount of data into actionable insights and reports about Chinese consumers’ offline behaviors and trends. The partnership elevates Cuebiq’s global user base close to 2 out of 5 smartphone users worldwide*.

GeTui’s reports will become a component of Cuebiq’s Analytics suite, which the company will make available to retail, quick service restaurants, automotive, and financial services clients on an exclusive basis outside of China. Clients will be able to understand footfall data to retail locations across China, identify visit trends, and measure footfall performance by stores in the Chinese market. Other use cases include exploring cross-shopping activities, understanding share of visits, and discovering consumers’ brand affinity.

“Our partnership with Cuebiq allowed us to build a joint machine-learning platform to analyze and synthesize our data report into actionable trends and insights enhancing our capabilities in a unique way” said FangYi, CEO of GETUI. “We’re excited to continue working with Cuebiq and having this enriched perspective.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with GeTui and provide value to them through our analytical capabilities,” said Antonio Tomarchio, CEO, Cuebiq. “We are very excited to expand our footprint beyond US, Canada and Europe to Asia, and China specifically. Through this partnership, and thanks to GeTui’s reporting, we are able to unlock actionable insights based on anonymous users’ footfall trends at retail locations across China and are providing value not only to GeTui, but also to other businesses worldwide looking for insights into the Chinese market.”

To help support this partnership, Cuebiq built out a team of local data scientists to analyze and aggregate the insights into reports. The office is based in Shanghai.

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