Cross-Tab and Blueocean merge to form new company Course5

The Cross-Tab group has formed a new entity Course5 with the merger of 2 of its 3 companies, Cross-Tab and Blueocean Market Intelligence.

The new company combines the expertise and resources of both companies across data analytics, artificial intelligence and market research domains to create huge synergies for innovation, business-focused solutions, and operations. The third company of the Cross-Tab Group, Borderless Access, is demerged and will operate as an independent entity.

Course5 will drive digital transformation for business organisations through analytics, insights, and AI. The company will unveil its advanced new suite of solutions and services which can empower companies with future-ready analytics, AI-driven solutions, and faster insights for decision making. Course5 serves leading global clients such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Colgate Palmolive, WPP Group, and Adelphi, among others.

Ashwin Mittal, CEO at Cross-Tab group said in a press statement, “The opportunities ahead of us are massive — the business world is drowning in oceans of data, information, and technology. Through smart solutions and our proprietary AI technology, we are bringing in a new paradigm of decision-making to assist our clients in preparing for a new digital future. The industries of data, analytics, and market research are going to be completely disrupted through the AI wave and will emerge as more powerful partners to businesses worldwide.”