Creating Mindful Packaging

Winning at the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) is becoming more and more important with the increasing dominance of self-serve, modern format shopping, as well as e-commerce. However, with increasing fragmentation of the market and the continuous launch of new brands and SKUs, consumers are more confused than ever.

In this environment, packaging becomes very important for attracting a competitor’s customers, or for giving your own customers a better experience. Gone are the days when a pack was just a container. Now it is a communication medium as well as an experience device.

Good packaging appeals to all your senses and affects your neurological pathways. There are various elements in a pack which impact how a consumer will react to it:

  • COLOUR AND MASCOTS – Does the pack contain colour themes and/or mascots or pictures which give an indication of its intended target audience? For example, a Disney cartoon and a pink colour might indicate that the product is meant for a girl.
  • SHAPE APPEAL – Does the shape of the pack cue any emotion or benefit from the product? For example, a curvy, contoured shape might give the pack more sensual appeal.
  • STACK APPEAL – When the packs are put together, is the overall appearance enhanced compared to an individual pack?
  • There are many more factors which can create an impact, including size, logo, etc.


Now, with new technologies becoming available, the neuro appeal of a pack to shoppers is eminently measurable. This neuro appeal can help a marketer to understand how much the pack stands out on the shelf. Is it easy to find? Does it induce the appeal to drive a trial, etc?

We study this by using a mix of eye tracking measurements and the ‘implicit pack appeal’ of the pack.

• Eye tracking can be done using multiple methods – static eye tracking, dynamic eye tracking, and using virtual reality platforms. At Neurosensum we use all these methods depending upon stimulus availability.

• For measuring implicit pack appeal, Neurosensum uses a specialised programme and algorithm which we created, to measure which pack has higher instinctive appeal.

Making your pack neurologically appealing will help you perform better at the FMOT and get you better returns on your marketing budget. In today’s world, pack design is as important as the product itself.

By Mahesh Agarwal, Managing Director, Neurosensum Indonesia