Confirmit Horizons Unveils New Features

Confirmit is providing customers with greater reporting, management, and usability capabilities with the latest release of its comprehensive software platform Confirmit Horizons.

Confirmit has introduced support for its customers to more easily deliver rewards to survey respondents. Through the strategic partnership with Virtual Incentives, a leading platform for delivering modern rewards, Confirmit enables real-time, automated reward delivery. The integrated offering is designed to attract respondents, increase response rates, and eliminate the inefficiencies of manual rewards processes.
“We’ve seen growing consumer demand for immediate online reward delivery following the completion of surveys, and this integration follows through on that need,” explained Jonathan Price, Chief Commercial Officer at Virtual Incentives. “As a bonus, automating this process is a great way to improve respondent satisfaction while also saving market research organizations valuable time.”

Ann-Marie Raposo, Product Manager at Virtual Incentives, added: “The system is incredibly easy to use. Confirmit Horizons users simply add the Virtual Incentives Extension into a survey to allow respondents to receive their reward immediately via the survey thank you page or an email.” •