Cloud Computing – the Future of IT Operations


Cloud computing, the latest (R)evolution in IT, is expected to affect organisations worldwide. One of the biggest advantages is that it eliminates the need for maintaining a separate IT platform, resulting in significant cost savings.

At the beginning there were only a handful of organisations offering cloud computing services and first mover\’s advantage will be there. However, managing the cloud is like managing the entire internet, and no single organisation can claim to be the leader in this domain. Cloud computing has made its way from trend to mainstream. To stay ahead, organisations have to start as early as possible to plan their strategies for the next years.

Experts believe that the Asia-Pacific region will be the biggest driver of this technology’s growth. The introduction can now be successful. Many vendors have announced successful wins in the region. IBM launched a new portfolio of cloud computing solutions in Malaysia and announced that they will open a cloud computing laboratory in Singapore this year. Amazon is now hosting services in a data centre in Singapore to allow their customers to run their cloud computing infrastructure within the region.

Different conferences held this year were focusing on how the cloud will challenge the landscape of the telecommunications industry. Experts were discussing the telecom operators’ opportunities, as they can play a major role in the success of cloud computing. They are in a unique position with their net-work assets and direct customer relationships. Telecom companies have to take the next step forward by offering effective cloud computing business applications to their clients. A few telecom service providers have set up their separate sales and support team for cloud computing solutions. Some telecom companies have also established split revenue models with leading IT companies for marketing cloud computing solutions.

For a deeper understanding of the growth potential and technology impact of cloud computing in Asia Pacific, experts will meet at the IDC’s ‘Cloud Computing Conference’, held on August 31, 2010 in Singapore.