Circana launches Liquid Data Engage

Consumer behavior advisor Circana has unveiled Liquid Data Engage, which addresses the unique challenges faced by retailers, simplifying the complexity of managing market performance, category management, loyalty, supply chain, and retail media data assets in one simple-to-use solution. By seamlessly integrating these data assets, Circana’s technology-powered analytics can quickly identify opportunities that pave the way for growth.

“In an era marked by limited resources and the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, retailers grapple with the complexity of securely integrating disparate data assets,” said Rob Hill, president, Global Retail, Circana. “Liquid Data Engage simplifies this process, emerging as a beacon for retailers to navigate the intricacies of today’s dynamic retail environment and enabling them to face challenges head-on.”

Liquid Data Engage offers these key features:

  • On-Demand Analytics. Best practice reports and integrated workflows are readily available. 
  • Unified Data Integration. Integrates diverse retailer datasets and ensures consistent understanding with automated guidance powered by Circana’s Unify+ Genius Script. 
  • Rapid Implementation. Offers a turnkey solution that can be quickly implemented by providing standard data inputs.
  • Intuitive User Experience. The user-friendly interface enables seamless navigation between reports and promotes collaborative efforts.
  • Effortless Scaling. Upgrade effortlessly when the time is ripe for expansion by augmenting modules and services, eliminating the hassle of re-platforming.
  • Comprehensive Analysis. Starting with high-level business performance, the solution drills down into every aspect of a retailer’s decision-making workflow for collaboration, insights, targeting, activation, and execution.

“Our commitment to empowering retailers stems from our extensive experience working with the top retailers around the globe,” said Brad Shelton, president, Collaborative Gateway Solutions, Circana. “We’ve harnessed this invaluable experience to develop Liquid Data Engage, a solution that is not only innovative but also simple and easy to use for all retailers. Our hands-on experience, having successfully implemented similar strategies for over 50 of the world’s largest retailers, sets us apart.”

Accessible through Circana’s intuitive Unify+™ software, Liquid Data Engage ensures standardized reporting for a seamless and collaborative user experience. Leveraging Circana’s Liquid Data® platform, Liquid Data Engage stands out by delivering a simple three-click guided analysis process, allowing retailers to spend less time identifying issues and more on implementing solutions.


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