Cint unveils new data licensing solution

Data insights gathering platform, Cint, has launched a data licensing solution that will allow businesses to license Cint Verified Audiences to help organizations make better business decisions based on millions of self-reported, first-party data points. Cint Verified Audiences are built from over 290 million consumers who have entered the platform to qualify for a survey opportunity. 

“Evolving privacy standards and restrictions on third-party cookies are changing the way organizations collect customer and consumer data. First-party data has never been more important,” says Laura Manning, Senior Vice President, Measurement. “Our new Cint Verified Audiences will help organizations boost their client’s first-party data strategies by strengthening research or marketing initiatives through validation and enrichment of data at scale.”

Cint Verified Audiences help agencies and their brands strengthen first-party data strategies and enable platforms and publishers to support these efforts. Using Cint Verified Audiences, organizations can enrich, validate, and activate first, second, or third-party audience data–or build custom research audiences for tailored, survey-based insights. A number of different demographic categories including age, gender, household income, employment status, and education are available.

The data used for Cint Verified Audiences is self-reported and continually verified each time a respondent visits the Cint research platforms. Cint has over 290 million fully-consenting respondents who enter the Cint platform to qualify for survey opportunities every year, forming the foundation for Cint Verified Audiences.


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