Brand Destruction – the Unstated Message

By: Andrew Wood, Asia Talent

It is sad and amazing to observe the damage done to a company’s brand, built over time, effort and often significant financial investment, by the lack of effective and considered communication with potential employees.

Irrespective of the size of the company, there is often an appalling disregard for the need to communicate with candidates for vacancies with any consideration. All too often there is an absolute lack of meaningful feedback to candidates post interview and, unfortunately, all too often no feedback at all.

Too many times a candidate undertakes an exhaustive interview process – often extending over many hours and even weeks – only to receive an off-hand “sorry, we’re not proceeding” or “oh, the role is closed” by way of final explanation of the next steps. Too often there is no reply to mail or phone messages with all concerned buy levitra in uk left to draw their own conclusions.  Is any consideration ever given by those representing the potential employer as to the destruction of the company’s brand caused by such an informal and disrespectful “up-date”? In life, a good experience is communicated several times, a poor experience communicated ten times.

Furthermore, is any consideration ever given by those representatives to the impact of that message on market place perceptions of that company? Is there any real wonder why some agencies struggle to secure outstanding researchers? As stated, bad news spreads further and has a direct impact on the interest level of candidates when such employers seek new employees.

Could therefore there be reasons, other than the oft-stated, behind the lure of client side employment?

For so many reasons, we must do much better at building and maintaining rapport and partnership with employees.