Borderless Access and Unilever Wins Gold at ESOMAR Awards

Borderless Access, together with Unilever, has been awarded Gold at the ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Awards 2021 for their collaborative case study based paper, ‘The evolution of brand humanization’ using digital bot-enabled research methodology.

Every year, this prestigious Research Effectiveness Award recognizes the market or social research studies that have contributed significantly to commercial success and society.

The evolution of brand humanization stems from Unilever\’s mission to make sustainable living a way of life across Africa. Using Borderless Access’ research expertise, enabled by our personalized bot-enabled research solution, Unilever evaluated and addressed the challenges that people in South Africa face due to poor hygiene conditions with purpose-driven activations and by introducing relevant product innovations. The study’s findings were later presented at the ESOMAR webinar and the Insights Festival.

Sharing her thoughts on this win, Stacey Grant, Africa CMI Director, Unilever said, “The insights generated by Borderless Access made me strongly reconsider what true purpose and sustainability means for our mainstream citizens in Africa. There is no shortage of opportunities to make a difference in Africa, but there is a shortage of resources to do so. Research like this helps us to identify genuine pain points for the people we serve and build empathy for what will make a real difference in their lives. This understanding is critical in helping us make investment choices.’’

Along with Gold Award, Borderless Access and Unilever, also won prize money of 3000 Euros which both companies have decided to donate it to LIV – An organization devoted to supporting orphans & vulnerable children in South Africa!

Dushyant Gupta, EVP – Borderless Access, extended his wishes saying, “We are proud of our association with Unilever and to effectuate change at such a large scale. The solutions, such as, bot-enabled research, under our research vertical ‘BA Insightz’ are purposed to assist brands with natural consumer interactions that help in insight-driven decision making. We hope to continue supporting brands globally with real human insights to enrich people’s lives”.


About Borderless Access:

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