Asia Research 2010 Salary & Employee Benefits Survey

The 2010 Asia Research salary and employee benefits survey conducted in June 2010, was completed among 464 market research professionals across the region.  The highest response came from Singapore where 107 agency-side employees and 63 clients took part.

For most researchers, the guaranteed 13th month on top of a discretionary company bonus scheme is still fairly standard for the industry, although this tails off with more senior management which tends to be replaced by non-guaranteed individual bonus schemes.  Health insurance is also very common given to 66% of agency-side researchers and 76% of clients.  But extensions of health cover to include families are rare (16%) although higher among those working client-side (30%).

In terms of basic salary, ranges for Researchers to Associate Director are fairly consistent.  Beyond this level there is more divergence in basic salary which can be on account of people holding senior positions in small or start up agencies.

The largest divergence of salaries though is encountered among those working client-side.  Interestingly there is little correlation between client side salaries and years of experience as a research buyer.  Although a handful of clients are earning top salaries, it is clear that the highest remuneration is found among those who ‘persevere’ to reach the top positions agency-side.

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