AI-powered ad testing solution is now available on Kantar Marketplace

Kantar has added Link AI, its AI-powered ad testing solution, to Kantar Marketplace, its agile market research platform.

Link AI, launched in June 2020, is the first fully AI-powered solution featured on Kantar Marketplace. Already used by clients including Coca-Cola, Google and Unilever, Link AI is a state-of-the-art creative effectiveness solution that reliably predicts a TV ad’s in-market performance within 15 minutes. Link AI was trained using Link, the world’s largest normative advertising database, which consists of over 230,000 survey-enabled ad tests, 10 years of data, and 35 million real human interactions.

The speed and scalability of Link AI makes it possible to test ads for a wider range of scenarios than before; to test competitors’ ads, get feedback on early versions in the creative development process, optimise live campaigns in real-time, or to build an evidence base of ad performance across a sector or market. In 2021, more than 16,000 ads were tested in Link AI.

Launched in mid-2019, Kantar Marketplace offers insights professionals, marketers and agencies the ability to make evidence-based decisions quickly. The automated platform features a range of consumer insights solutions that accelerate business decision-making, whether brands are getting feedback on an idea, developing a new product or launching a campaign.

Will Galgey, Executive Managing Director, Kantar Marketplace, said: “Link AI is a hugely exciting and innovative addition to our portfolio of agile market research solutions. It is a truly market-leading solution, facilitating ad testing at an unprecedented scale. Delivering at incredible speed, combined with the power of the industry’s deepest ad testing database, and available either as self-serve or with optional servicing from Kantar’s expert team, Link AI on Kantar Marketplace should be an indispensable part of any marketer’s toolkit. This is a huge milestone for Kantar Marketplace and for our clients.”

Jane Ostler, Executive Managing Director, Creative and Media, Kantar, added: “We know our clients have wide-ranging needs when it comes to creative testing, which require a mix of human and machine-based solutions. The launch of Link AI on Kantar Marketplace is a real landmark in terms of delivering insights at speed, as well as making it easier than ever to use.”