A view of customer experience through the consumer journey – SKIM

\"\"Customer satisfaction can be measured across the consumer journey, each point being dontdontevaluated and rated by customers on how satisfied they are at that specific point in time. However, with the consumer journey becoming so intricate and interconnected through numerous channels, looking at these individual points in isolation is no longer accurate and can be deceiving. Hence, marketers should go beyond traditional metrics to determine and understand customer experience within the context of consumer journey.

SKIM is honored to be sharing buy doxycycline chlamydia insights from our journey mapping studies as we see tremendous value when understanding customer experience from this perspective.

Presentation by Christophe Le Yoanc, Director Client Solutions at SKIM, and Sarah Cunliffe, Research Manager at SKIM.
Presented at Asia Research Breakfast Seminar \”Touchy Feely\” in Singapore on April 28, 2016.
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