Virtual reality research – Virtual Insight 360° View launched

Cross Marketing Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo based Cross Marketing Group, launches Virtual Insight 360° View, a virtual reality research service in collaboration with

Countless new products are created and displayed in stores every day. To increase the chances of a product being chosen by customers, it is critical to display it in a highly visible location with eye catching package design. However, studies aimed at finding the optimal shelf location and design are complex since they require time consuming processes such as creating sample packaging, preparing a space to organize research and finding respondents.

To overcome these barriers, Cross Marketing Inc. has launched a virtual reality style research service called Virtual Insight 360° View to enable a simpler and more flexible research service. The service builds a panoramic virtual store space made from images and videos of an actual store space and provides a virtual merchandise dontdontevaluation survey environment where clients can observe research participants walking around a virtual store space, looking at products, and making choices. Cross Marketing Inc., collaborated with, an expert in visual communication. amana’s computer graphics and image composing technologies enable 360° viewing which allows research participants to see up and down, left and right.

This service gives clients the freedom to run research worldwide free of geographical limitations. In addition, there is no limit to variables accutane buy online uk such as shelf layouts, package design or design of research environments.

Yukihiko Okumura, Executive Manager of marketing at Cross Marketing Inc. said “Cross Marketing Inc. collaborated with the most creative business partner and this made it possible for us to create a totally new service. This service is a combination of market research and cutting-edge technologies, which is outside of the scope of ordinary market research. We are confident that we can offer our clients high cost performance as well as additional benefits. We will continue improving this service and strengthening our clients’ problem solving abilities.”

Keisuke Fujibayashi, Communication Planning Director of also emphasized the strength of this service by saying “as the best filming and visual production firm in Japan, has many talented photographers, graphic designers and computer graphics creators. We are sure that collaborating with Cross Marketing Inc.; Virtual Insight 360°View will bring our clients all over the world new benefits through maximizing the potential Virtual reality research Virtual Insight 360° View launched of amana’s visual technologies. Thus, this service frees us from the limits of the research processes such as limited geographical diversity, time allowance, or survey material limitations.”

Cross Marketing Inc., continually seeks to provide its clients with the best service through the use of cutting edge technology such as virtual reality.